Silence has a voice

I love silence. I cannot say it enough. I guess it has a calming effect on me.  It helps me to be still and focus on the things that matter most.  It’s easier to hear the Holy Spirit speak into my life without all of the background noise.

Snow is almost like a visible silence.  It is such a peaceful act. I often wonder if God sends it to us to calm us down….at least here in the south.

Take a look outside and experience the silence today. Sit in a quiet place and just listen.
Listen and you might hear that still small voice…

Be Still before the Lord
and wait patiently before him; — Psalm 37:7

I pray that peace will fill our lives and overcome the chaos today.

Thank you Father for silence so that we may hear you. Amen.

Additional scripture references:

Psalm 46:10

Matthew 11:28-30

Psalm 62:1

Psalm 23

Isaiah 30:15

Genesis 28:16

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